Spectra promoted to Division 4 in Norwegian National Cricket League

Spektra Cricket Club in Trondheim, established in 2015, played its first ever cricket season in the NCF Cricket League 2016 in Oslo. It is the third club from Trondheim to participate in the cricket league. The club not only played some excellent cricket but also was able to win at least once, against all the other clubs in Division 5 of the NCF cricket league. The team led by Rijumon Sasidharan and managed by Jeevan Ratneswaran showed a lot of desire and team spirit alongside gaining maturity as the season went along. The team ended up at third place in Division 5, qualifying it for Division 4 in the next season. Alongside being successful on the field while playing cricket, the club also gave high priority to the integration of people from the immigrant background. The board of the club believes that the team will be able to cope up with the competition in Division 4 next season and also make the game of cricket popular in Trondheim.