Spektra Kulturkveld i Trondheim Annual Awards

Spektra Cricket Klub i Trondheim inviterer alle cricket-entusiaster til en en kulturkveld den 12. mars med aktiviteter for alle aldersgrupper. Kvelden starter med en tale av Ordfører Rita Ottervik etterfulgt av flere kulturelle forestillinger og en prisutdelingen. Gjestene vil kunne nyte deilig indisk mat og delta i spill. Tid: 15:00 … Continue reading

SCKiT Champions Cup 2017

SCKiT Champions Cup 2017 was held on 11.02.2017 at Åsheimhallen, Heimdal from 10:00 to 16:30hrs. The event had good participation from both youth/men and kids and was well received by all. There were four teams among the youth/men and two among the kids. We had 5 matches, which was followed … Continue reading

Free membership for Youth

Hello, Spektra CK achieved exceptionally good results in 2015 and 2016, including holding a Cricket Open Day and SCKiT Tournament, weekly youth training sessions, our regular practice sessions (both indoor and outdoor) and finally, competing in the NCF League in Oslo. 2017 brings new opportunities and our ambitions continue to … Continue reading

Practice match

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